Chinese Curriculum for International Students
2021-10-14 10:45:37

Course introduction

The International Division of Shanghai Foreign Language School (SFLS) Affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University is among the first international divisions approved by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. Waihan curriculm of SFLSID, introduces and absorbs local and international educational philosophy.  The unique learning environment gives students an opportunity to be immersed in both Chinese and English. The program is rich in extracurricula activities and values both knowledge and practice to achieve stratified teaching. 


Timing Advantages for College Application

1.Semesters are split into Spring and Fall so that students will have seamless transition to colleges (especially those in Japan and South Korea).

2.Students have sufficient time to prepare for Chinese-university entrance exams in March or April every year.

Curricula Features

1.World-widely recognized foundational curricula of Shanghai middle school, enhanced by leading multi-language teaching tradition of SFLS.

2.Chinese and English teaching by different levels (offering courses such as intensive reading, speaking and listening, reading, writing, TOEFL, HSK, etc.)

3.Different tutoring sessions are provided to students to suit different graduating pathways.

4.Multiple curricula options such as Tongbu Class and International Curriculum to suit individual learning capability and requirements.

Teaching Strengths

1.Various school-based teaching materials suitable for foreign students including Chinese intensive reading, HSK guidance, mathematics, English, science and Chinese folk music.

2.Immersion English courses taught by Chinese and foreign teachers with English as language of instruction.

3.Seven linguistic abilities developed simultaneously, i.e. listening, speaking, reading, writing, performing, translating and debating.

4.Three-dimensional teaching method of connecting theory with activity, in-class with after-class, and knowledge with practice.

Events and Extracurricular Activities

1.Multiple interactive opportunities with students of our Local Division who are native Chinese speakers.

2.Participate in multiple international exchange activities that includes receiving over 50 exchange groups from sister schools, Chinese Bridge Summer Camp, Model United Nations.

3.Grade 9 and Grade11 students have short-term overseas exchange programs to Europe and  America.

4.Events and Extracurricular Activities of International Department throughout a school year: sports meeting, Culture Field Trips, Chinese/English presentations, international cultural festival, in-depth language practice activities, Halloween, Christmas party and graduation trip.

Accommodation on Campus

7-day/24-hour dormitory supervisor service.

Canteen operated by SISU.