International Curriculum
2021-10-14 10:46:42

Course introduction

The International Division of Shanghai Foreign Language School (SFLS) Affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University is among the first international divisions approved by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. We introduce and absorb advanced education philosophy from abroad, coupled with the high-quality education resources of SFLS. With an emphasis on incorporating national and international perspectives in curricula design, SFLSID launched international curriculum in Fall 2016, and was officially authorized by International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) in Spring 2018. Eligible junior and high school students are welcome to apply for international curriculum.



Curricula Features

1.The international curriculum is designed to nurture balanced and versatile talents for future diverse world stage.

2.The curriculum embraces inclusiveness and open-mindedness, encouraging students to be world citizens who are attentive of their family, community, and global issues.

3.Curriculum includes Chinese, Foreign Languages, Social Studies, Maths, Arts, PE, Design, etc, covering 8 disciplines.

4.Career Guidance is offered to students of all grades.

5.A scientific assessment system that puts an emphasis on both progressive and summative assessment are offered to motivate students to communicate, socialize and manage themselves.

Teaching Strengths

1.Language and literature studies: valuing both written and oral skills with a wide range of reading materials (whole-book reading is emphasized) that explores languages beyond acquisition. Second foreign language is provided as an optional course. 

2.Each subject adopting concept-exploring and inquiry-based approach to help student apply what they have learned to practice.

3.Interdisciplinary teaching: studying the same topic under different disciplinary contexts so that interdisciplinary connection is built to help improve students’ problem-solving abilities and their understanding of the world.

Events and Extracurricular Activities

1.Events and Extracurricular Activities of International Department throughout a school year: sports meeting, Culture Field Trips, Chinese/English presentations, international cultural festival, in-depth language practice activities, Halloween, Christmas party and graduation trip.

2.School clubs, sport teams and competitions of all kinds.

3.School cultural extracurricular activities, extended and research courses.

4.Once-a-semester Culture Field Trip (conducting interdisciplinary studies by means of PBL).


Accommodation on Campus

7-day/24-hour dormitory supervisor service.

Canteen operated by SISU.