Tongbu Class
2021-10-14 11:02:34

Course introduction

The International Division of Shanghai Foreign Language School (SFLS) Affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University is one of the first international divisions approved by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. We introduce and absorb advanced educational philosophy from home and abroad, coupled with the high-quality education resources of SFLS.

Tongbu Class of International Division adheres to the idea of “paralleled objective, paralleled teaching and learning, paralleled management, and paralleled outreach activities.” It provides students with the same high-quality education resources as SFLS local students have, and offers the same core courses, teaching materials, faculties, activities and standards as required in Local Division so that students can follow the SFLS academic rigor as well as consolidate their knowledge foundation.



Four Tongbu Features

    Paralleled Teaching

        1.Courses are offered by high quality faculty from Local Division.

        2.Students will have the same learning materials, experience the same teaching and learning approaches, and be evaluated by the same assessment

           requirements as expected in Local Division.

    Paralleled Management

        1.Students’ codes of conduct are consistent with those required in Local Division.

        2.Parents know promptly about students’ performance at school through school network platform.

    Paralleled Outreach Activities

        1.Students have opportunities to participate in major annual events, academic lectures as students in Local Division do.

        2.Students have opportunities to enroll in research and extracurricular courses offered by Local Division.

    Paralleled Higher Education

        1.Career guidance and mental health counseling are consistent with that of Local Division.

        2.Tailored university admission guidance is offered according to students’ future pathways.

Featured International Division Resources Propelling Personalized Development

    Featured +1 Courses

        ※We offer English Literature (given by foreign teachers), Visual Arts, and a set of Optional Courses to meet students’ diverse needs.

    Honor Student Courses

        ※We offer SFLS Observatory Inquiry and Practice and specialized science courses (offered by Chinese Academy of Sciences) to honor students.

        ※ Personalized schedule can be made.

        ※ Selected Top Students Studying in Local Division

    Second Foreign Language Selective Courses

        ※We offer second foreign language courses including French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish to cultivate multilingual citizens.

    AP Courses

        ※SFLS is an authorized AP school. We provide AP courses for selective students.

Events and Extracurricular Activities

1)Various school clubs carry out activities and inter-school competitions on a regular basis.

2)“International Culture Festival” and “Chinese Culture Festival” are two grand events when students can show their talents on the stage as well as practice their language skills.

3)Events and Extracurricular Activities of International Department throughout a school year: sports meeting, Culture Field Trips, Chinese/English presentations, international cultural festival, in-depth language practice activities, Halloween, Christmas party and graduation trip.

4)Culture Field Trips each semester on topics like “tracing cultural origins”, “visiting former residence of celebrities” blends sociology with science, culture, literature and other subjects. Students learn about the beauty of China from their own experience through different perspectives.

5)Grade 9 and Grade 12 students go to Europe and America respectively for their short-term exchange.

6)International Exchange Activities are frequent at our school. We host over 50 international exchange groups from all over the world annually before COVID-19.


Accommodation on Campus

7-day/24-hour dormitory supervisor service.

Canteen operated by SISU.